Progress of quantity of goods retained by customs authority

Progress of quantity of goods retained by customs authority, suspected to infringe an intellectual property right




Total quantity (pieces)

6 958 317

4 030 919

Decreasing of number of articles was a consequence of decreasing the number of smuggled cigarettes proved to be counterfeit retained in 2012: from 5 666 280 pieces in 2011 to 2 336 160 pieces in 2012. Except cigarettes, quantity of other types of goods increased in 2012 with aprox. 400 000 pieces and were found new categories of goods: personal care articles, glue, household articles, packaging and labels etc. Enhancement of customs controls in postal traffic led to increasing the number of counterfeit goods, most of them coming from China: e.g. mobile phones and accessories (from aprox. 30 000 pieces in 2011 to 49 000 pieces in 2012), sunglasses and accessories (from 242 in 2011 to 4 600 pieces in 2012).

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