Expert consultation of the Commission on Intellectual Property – AmCham business lunch with U.S. judges Raderjem

Randall R. Rader : ” Intellectual property is quickly becoming the main ingredient of individual companies ”

At the invitation of the Embassy of the United States in Slovenia and in cooperation with AmCham Commission on Intellectual Property in the context of a business lunch held discussions with top professionals to patents , Judge Randall R. Raderjem , the chief judge of the U.S. Federal Court of Appeal . As the winner of several awards in the field of intellectual property and an experienced judge presented his view of the system of intellectual property protection in the United States and the European Union.
In his welcome address , the Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia , MA . Aisha Guide , thanked the guest for the visit and the Commission on Intellectual Property for the previous work . Member of the commission , Urban Vrtačnik , then pointed a lot of ideas and different views , which were then shown through the creation of the position paper on the state of intellectual property in Slovenia . He highlighted the main problems of legislation in this field in Slovenia and sectors of the economy which are focused in drawing views.

” The main problems of intellectual property situated in the pharmaceutical industry , the differences between European and national patents and protect them in court proceedings . Certain changes in legislation that will be targeted primarily towards entrepreneurship in Slovenia are required , “concluded Vrtačnik .
Commission co-chairman , Donald Repanšek , has encouraged the reading position papers on the state of intellectual lastin in Slovenia , adding that this area is currently in the uncomfortable situation and that would be the organizational and legal changes a welcome boost .

” New media law should be drafted and adopted as soon as possible. At the moment, the Government is trying to establish a new strategy in the media field , but still requires a completely new law , “said Repanšek . He highlighted the good work of the Commission on Intellectual Property and its willingness to cooperate with other organizations . Then he invited guests to a short sharing their views and expressed počaščenost on his visit .

Judge Rader has started his speech with praise AmChamu India , which is one of the few organizations of its type with an active Commission on Intellectual Property . Members were encouraged to be with their previous work on AmChamom the rest of the world.
Developments in this field in the United States is described through the problems faced by companies and other decision-makers . As first pointed assessment of the value of intellectual property within any business environment .

” The issue of correct assessment of the value of intellectual property of each company is perhaps the main issue of entrepreneurship of our time . Even China has in recent years become aware that their improved position can not keep only to the production and must be given in innovation and raise its capacity to innovate at a higher level . This also includes protection of intellectual property rights in the legal system and enforcement of a single court , which will be specialized faced with such problems . ”

Throughout his speech , Mr. Rader highlighted two key points in the direction of improving the legal institutions that could better serve the protection of intellectual property rights . From the practice of American courts as first the reduction in costs of court processes and limitations of clients’ requests to discover the relevant facts , which are sometimes abused and expenses increased to such an extent that they can effectively eliminate the opposing parties to the proceedings . According to him, more efficient judicial proceedings in this case, lead to a better judicial system .
As another important part of the improvement is presented properly assess the value of inventions and progress brought by individual invention . This should take particular account of the impact that it can have a single technological product in the long run . He cited three rules of valuation inventions – estimated to be over alleged value of the invention , through the impact on the economy and the market, and through the role of each individual case .

The second part of the Judge Rader explained his view of the international environment on intellectual rights.
” Intellectual property is a dynamic field . Extremely exciting at this time to visit China since they have hosted amazing changes in this aspect . I try to promote international cooperation and our courts are as much to learn from the practices in different countries. ”
In his words, should the law be inspired by other sectors such as innovation here too, welcome and only possible by bringing together the best international experts .

“The message of intellectual property is that innovation is good , and that could be anything , whatever their field , always continue to improve . ”

His view was concluded with thoughts on the European system of protection of intellectual property rights . According to him Europe should make a big move away from a fragmented system and standardize in this area . With good professionals and transparent system of intellectual property could rise to an even higher level .
In conclusion, he stressed that despite the criticism of the system of protection of intellectual property rights that occur in the general public , the regulation of which today prevails in the world outweighs any obstacles that arise . With a little distant view we can see that the system works.
” Technological advances and inventions to improve our lives from day to day , also and above all because of the system of protection of patents . Slovenia also has a duty to contribute to the progress. You have excellent working conditions , defend yourself and upgrade the current system of protection of inventions and innovations.


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