Campaign against online sales of “Barolo wine kits” in the UK

wine-150x150SIB informs that “the Consorzio Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Roero is taking determined action against online sales of “Barolo wine kits” in the United Kingdom, where the kits bearing the name Barolo, but containing no more than grape juice concentrate, yeasts, enzymes, sulphites and other substances needed to prepare quick, do-it-yourself wine, are particularly wide spread”.

The Consorzio is starting a campaign, with the help of SIB, in order to protect the Barolo denomination, beginning with the removal from e-commerce sites eBay and Amazon adverts for the sale of “wine-making kits” which are showing the misleading consumers name Barolo or “Barolla”.

The Consorzio highlights the fact that their objective is not preventing any profit losses, but keeping the image of good quality products by fighting the misuse and protecting the users from confusion.

The campaign against the sale of “Barolo kits” would also protect the quality of food and wine products from counterfeiting trade, by alerting the authorities such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs(DEFRA) and the Food Standards Agency(FSA).

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