Law No. 159 of May 22, 1993, concerning Provisions on the Improper Reproduction of Books and Repealing the Levy on Well-known Books referred to in Articles 177, 178 and 179 and the Last Paragraph of Article 172 of Law No. 633 of April 22, 1941

Provisions on the improper reproduction of books and repealing the levy on well- known books referred to in articles 177, 178 and 179 and the last paragraph of article 172 of Law No. 633 of April 22, 1941
Art. 1.—(1) Any person who improperly reproduces with gainful intent, by whatever process, the graphic composition of literary, dramatic, scientific, educational and musical works or parts thereof that are protected by Law No. 633 of April 22, 1941, as subsequently amended, or who, without having taken part in the reproduction but being aware of it, places such reproductions on the market or stocks them with a view to sale in the territory of the State, or for profit-making purposes brings them into the territory of the State, shall be liable to an administrative fine of 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 lire, and in particularly serious cases to a fine of up to 10,000,000 lire.
(2) Neither the use of reproductions of musical scores for an educational, study or research activity, including exercises and gatherings associated with amateur musical activities and activities engaged in by non-profit associations and foundations, nor the use for other public events of musical scores that cannot be purchased on the market shall be regarded as being for profit-making purposes.
Art. 2.—(1) Amounts deriving from the application of the pecuniary sanctions provided for in Article 1 above and in Laws Nos. 406 of July 29, 1981, and 400 of July 20, 1985, shall be paid to the National Assistance and Provident Association for Painters and Sculptors, Musicians, Writers and Playwrights.
Art. 3.—(1) Articles 177, 178 and 179 and the last paragraph of Article 172 of the aforementioned Law No. 633 of April 22, 1941, are repealed.
(2) Articles 52, 53, 54, 55 and 56 of the Regulations for the Application of Law No. 633 of April 22, 1941, on the Protection of Copyright and Other Rights Associated with the Exercise Thereof, approved by Royal Decree No. 1369 of May 18, 1942, are repealed.
This Law, bearing the seal of the State, shall be included in the official collection of normative instruments of the Italian Republic. All persons are bound to observe it and cause it to be observed as a law of the State.