INPI joins the Harmonised Database

The French National Institute for Intellectual Property (INPI) has joined the Harmonised Database of Goods and Services for trade mark classification, available through TMclass.

With the integration of INPI, all EU national and regional IP offices now form part of the tool.

TMclass is the largest trade mark classification database in the world. It offers quick and easy goods and services classification and contains around 65,000 pre-validated terms in 23 EU languages, all of which are pre-approved by all EU national and regional IP offices and OHIM.

The Harmonised Database has clear and practical benefits for users in France and across the EU. It helps to improve the predictability of EU IP office decisions, and helps to simplify the classification process by providing a common list of goods and services pre-approved by all EU offices.

The open and collaborative communication between INPI and all those working in the framework of the European Trademark and Design Network has been a key part of this latest integration. INPI is a valuable partner in the shared endeavours of the Network, as it continues to deliver benefits to end users.

The full integration of all EU IP offices into the tool, and the joint work carried out between all the offices on the wider projects, is another example of the results that can be delivered to benefit users.

The Harmonised Database, with its newest participating office, INPI, is available through TMclass at: Goods and Services in this database are accepted by all EU Offices and translated into all EU IP office working languages.