Enhanced back office system in Greece

back officeNew achievement of EUIPO’s European Cooperation projects – Greece has implemented an enhanced back office system.

What is new for the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) is a technological upgrade that is designed to increase the performance, security and maintenance of the back office system. The back office tool helps OBI to manage multiple tasks related to the designs lifecycle, including examination and registration.

The implementation was carried out within the framework of the European Cooperation projects, in particular the project ‘ECP2 Major improvements to back office’. This strand aims to enhance and develop the operational Cooperation Fund tools with new functionalities. The use of the tools and services developed during the lifetime of the last Strategic Plan is still increasing, and these projects aim to fully maximise their potential. These projects include major improvements to the Back Office, the Front Office, the Common Gateway, the Quality Suite, TMview, and DesignView.

Structured around a project-based approach, European cooperation at the EUIPO has five strands. Each strand contains at least one project, which is supported by a working group comprising EU national and regional IP office experts, users, and, where relevant, experts from international organisations.

Source: EUIPO